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How To Use Instagram Reels To Grow Your Brand Online

Reels are the newly added feature on Instagram. Short videos, access to music, and effects are what make it different from IGTV or Instagram Story. It signifies that with this newly added feature attention doesn’t have to over across other apps anymore. It can all stay on the Instagram app. (Grow your career with the best digital marketing course in Delhi with placement)

Every marketer and business is finding a way to get sales and traffic using this feature. Also, to furnish your needs you need not come up with new videos. You can still use existing content on your blog, podcast, and social channels. Use the additional feature and also the existing feature to carry all other marketing activities alongside. It’s just another platform to showcase your products and services.

Educational Content

Educational content doesn’t require chalk and board. The idea is not about lecturing your followers. It means sharing information and educating them on your products without making it too obvious about product promotion. Let us say you are the owner of an agency looking to use Instagram Reels to bring in more clients. You want to make use of your existing content to create Reels for your customer avatar of your business owners. These business owners require help with marketing, which is why they will hire you as they would want Reels which can help them with marketing.

Let us consider your agency deals with Instagram and Facebook. Your Reel will share information about it.

How a beginner can use Facebook ads
  • Copy Writing Strategies
  • Using user-generated contents in your ads
  • Sharing educational content will show your expertise in Facebook ads. Pair the content with lead
    magnets or maybe a newsletter. Doing so will help Instagram Reel viewers to attract towards your
    website and turning them into subscribers.
Focus on Product Reviews and Case studies
Instagram reels
Instagram reels

Your educational content will reflect your experience in products or services. Your product reviews or case studies will show the level of satisfaction of your customers.

For example

If you are selling a digital onetime-product or a physical product, you can share product reviews If you offer a service, then you will share case studies Instagram allows you to showcase your success creatively. You can make the best use of music, effects, and countdown timer features to come up with native reviews and case studies that
entertain your followers. For product reviews, you can also make the best use of user-generated content by uploading videos and photos as a Reel.

For Case Studies, you can use the past case study which you already published in your blog which was previously used in your sales process, you can use the header from each section, and use those texts on your video to show them how you got those results. This text will help visual learners. understand what you’re talking about while you discuss details verbally. (Start doing Freelancing with digital marketing institute in Delhi)

Behind the Scenes Content

Such content helps you to establish a good relationship between you and your customer avatar. Let’s say, for example, you own an e-commerce fashion company you can use Reels to show them. How you choose the fabric and getting the samples delivered for approval. Showing them behind the scenes will give more human touch to your work, which will help you build a relationship with them.

Instagram reels
Instagram reels

If you are the CEO of a company, you can show them your day today day life as a CEO. This provides you with an opportunity to show them your working style so your customer avatar can feel like they are more connected to you, which will gradually build trust among them.

Your Company Story

We rarely come across any websites which catch our attention at first glance. But it is possible to attract the audience through Instagram Reels by making a bland brand story into an interesting one. Without visiting the About Us page on a website and going through a brand story, your followers can.

watch a story on Reels. You can include photos, case studies, music to give them an idea of everything you experienced to achieve what you are today. It is personal and easily relatable to engage with, which consequently builds relationships. (Learn and earn with Digital Marketing Course in South Delhi)

You can also show your expertise, showcase your products and services, and increase your followers who share a common interest. It works similarly to any other marketing strategy. The Mantra is to test and check. Try new content to check the metrics to know how well your audience connects with it. Do it often to master and
attract profits.

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