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Social Media: Boon Or Bane 2021?

Social Media: Boon Or Bane 2021? The 21st century has brought with it a progressive digital era. Smartphones, computers, the Internet was born and soon after, became so essential that one’s existence would be questioned without it. While the internet was still in its infancy, social networking sites came in, shaking up the way things worked. People now have virtual friends whom they will never meet in person, and slowly the world turns into a social media puppet. (Join Social Media Marketing Course with Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi)


Instances of social networking sites (SNS) are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Social media started on the internet as an extensive online community to connect like-minded people and share ideas. The first recognizable social networking site was, launched in 1997.


While Social Media: Boon Or Bane 2021? a phenomenon enabled by social networking has become a boon for many, debate over its vulnerabilities and demise has raged around the world since time immemorial. old. An age-old topic that never seems to get old, this could become a topic of group discussion in your admissions or placement interviews.


But before you start citing facts for or against the subject, consider both sides of the coin.
Social media includes various online platforms that are commonly used to connect with friends and family. It gave an impetus to the world economy by expanding ties between different countries and developing trade.


People use many social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Linked In etc. to get online career opportunities to find new friends around the world with common interests, while some use social media as a platform where they can share their thoughts feelings, ideas or emotions with others.





Why Social Media Is Boon?


Social media is undoubtedly a boon to human civilization as it has brought the whole world together in one place where people can share their views and opinions, such healthy interactions have proved beneficial for people as they help to develop together and improve social media or top digital marketing skills.


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First, let’s start with the reasons behind how social media sites have made such a big difference in our lives and how it benefits all of us more. Social Media- Digitalization: Boon Or Bane 2021?

● Social networking helps you stay connected with friends and family in today’s busy world. Especially during the pandemic, it turned out to be the strongest bond of humanity.

● Since the original goal of social media was to connect like-minded people, it provides a useful opportunity to improve skills and careers by sharing ideas, information, and knowledge that may be physically unavailable to many of us.

● It was revolutionary in the educational paradigm. Teachers made social media a continuation of classroom discussions. Many sites such as Doubtnut help students resolve their doubts through social networking sites in just a fraction of a second.

● Many companies began to engage with the community and potential customers. Somehow, this has played a huge role in creating brand value and creating a niche for business in a highly competitive marketplace.

● The job search has become extremely fluid and students reach out to potential employers via LinkedIn, which is a type of social network with job and internship opportunities.

● In general, there is a positive atmosphere on social networks. For example, Facebook doesn't send notifications if someone is removed as a friend. LinkedIn also doesn’t send you notifications when your connection drops.

● Through social networks, we can communicate with people even from distant places. With its help, we can expand the circle of our friends, constantly communicating with unknown people and maintaining contact with old acquaintances.

● • Social media has evolved into a global platform for showcasing human talent. People with different abilities share their talents in the form of videos and post them on social media. This gives them an opportunity to gain recognition for their talent, which will further increase their confidence that they can continue what they excel at.

● • People can use social media platforms for business purposes. This is the most common phenomenon we observe today. People start their business through social media applications such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.


YouTube is one such popular application that makes people earn money online. People post videos to YouTube and are paid if they meet various payment criteria, such as exceeding a certain number of views, likes or subscribers. Many companies have been successful on social media and are still growing.


● • Social media also helps students learn. Teachers can use social media to teach their students outside the classroom. Social media applications have taken the place of learning, especially during the pandemic when it is not possible to participate in activities.


Teachers conduct online lessons through various online meeting applications and share reading material through other social networking applications. In addition, students can get additional information by browsing pages on social networks. While social media has brought a lot of people together and made life easier, they have their downsides. These days, however, social media is abused by some.


They use the platform as a vehicle to spread hate and propaganda against a person, a group or an entire community. These people use social media as a way to manipulate people by spreading hate speech and fake news in order to direct people’s thoughts and opinions on many topics in a negative direction. This can lead to the development of inappropriate or destructive behaviours among people that would be contrary to the well-being of society.


Spreading derogatory religious views or fake news on social media about a particular community can lead to misunderstandings or conflicting opinions among different groups. (Master in Digital Marketing Course to Provide you deep and advance knowledge of today’s Digital Marketing)


Violence is a common result of such scenarios. Unravelling the negative side of social media, in which there are generally two types of people involved, one who sows hatred and the other who is a victim of that hatred. There are thousands of content creators and millions of viewers around the world. Now that we have a fair idea of the pros, let’s take a quick look at the cons. Social Media: Boon Or Bane 2021?


Why Social Media Is Bane?


Social Media


● Constant knowledge of social networks makes people compare their lives with those who consider their life ideal. It lowers happiness and can also lead to problems with self-esteem.

● Privacy is a big problem for social networking sites. People’s personal information is being stolen with malicious intent. Because of this, Facebook has had serious problems with the legislation of many countries around the world.

● FOMO (Fear of Missing) from social media has led to a high rate of addiction. Rumours and rumours spread like wildfires.

● Social network Users prefer to communicate online rather than face to face. This affected communication skills, relationships, and mental health.

● Social networks make people addicted when people constantly use social networks. We find that people spend a lot of time on social media while neglecting other productive activities. Social media addiction keeps people away from real-life situations that interfere with their long-term social lives.

● Social media affects human health, both physical and mental. Due to the fact that a person rests his eyes on the screen of various gadgets, he is prone to various eye ailments, headaches and body aches. Even his sleep patterns get disrupted when his social media use exceeds what is required.

● Social media gives us unrealistic expectations for life, and when we don’t really get what we expected, we get frustrated. When this frustration lasts a long time, we push ourselves into the web of depression. It disrupts our mental health a lot.

● Cyberbullying, hacking, cat catching, etc. is now on a large scale. Social media users are an easy target for these online criminals. As social media platforms have a thin layer of privacy, users personal and personal information can be compromised. Criminals may use a person’s personality
in a derogatory way.

● Social media can also contribute to unhealthy competition among users. Almost everyone is racing on social media to show how exciting their lives are. Even though they lead a simple life, they pretend their lifestyle.


When other users constantly witness the happy and happy lives of others, they feel insecure and inferior. In such cases, a person may not value his life and constantly complain about everything. Social media is a double-edged sword. Whether they are a blessing or a poison to society is up to the user. It mainly depends on how you use it. However, remember that children and adolescents should be supervised by their guardians as they are easy to manipulate and often fall into traps that lead to cyber threats or cybercrime.


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