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Digital Marketing Career In India 2022 and Beyond

Digital Marketing Careers In India 2022:  Have you ever wondered what are the career prospects in digital marketing in India? Is this a lucrative career option or not? Are you on job hunting? Or maybe you are still not sure what your career goals should be? If so, it’s time to find out about new career opportunities and how you can take advantage of them. In today’s digital-driven world where everything is becoming technologically advanced and everyone is tech-savvy, you should consider digital marketing as one of your career trendsetters. (Build your career in Digital Marketing with best digital marketing course in Delhi)

Nowadays, everyone works on their smartphones, laptops and tablets, which is a testament to the development of the digital world. In addition, people are provided with robust data that can
be easily accessed and used as per their requirements. The proliferation of media channels has fueled the growth in demand for digital marketing over the years. Undoubtedly, this has opened up huge Digital Marketing careers in India 2022 opportunities and around the world.

Digital marketing has great professional potential. Before we delve into the various digital marketing careers in India, let’s take a look at the following two questions.

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is the whole thing of efforts to outline client requirements, examine them, create, speak and eventually supply products or services that have prices for customers. Marketing is ready to sell your emblem and its numerous traits amongst the target audiences through advertising. public family members and different methods of communication.

Now, What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the process of executing all of your marketing silos through digital media channels to reach online users. The basic elements are the same, the implementation is slightly different due to differences in the environment and online user expectations. Now, anyone who can leverage traditional
marketing ethics and come up with innovative digital marketing solutions can have a bright future in this career area.

Digital Marketing and digital marketing career in India in 2022

India is one of the main clients of the network. It has long surpassed the UK and the US in spreading the web to the people of the country. Digital advertising, while a tremendously new process for entrepreneurs, can no longer be undermined.

Organizations and types have long recognized this and thus digitally expanded their business enterprise to take advantage of virtual advertising. According to the CISCO Visual Networking Index (VNI report), “With the help of 2029, 829 million Indians (roughly 59% of the population) are projected to use the web every day. Of the 829 million mentioned above, 79% will have access to the Internet by cell phone”. From the above statistics, you can assume the considerable capacity of virtual advertising in India for years to come.

Scope of Digital Marketing career in India 2022

Digital marketing has now opened up a variety of career opportunities in India. As in any business, digital marketers must be enterprising, attractive and have the ability to create innovative and interesting content. Much of the budget is now being allocated to the digital marketing department to increase sales and create goodwill online.

With the use of mobile phones and tablets in recent years, brands have recognized the need to digitally position their product to generate visibility and sales. Let’s take the example of Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra. Their customer database has grown tremendously over the last 34 years. Almost 50-60% of the Indian population buy products online and surf the Internet to make purchasing decisions.

The increasing use of digital media means creating career prospects in the field of digital marketing. Several startups have emerged along with well-known brands that are taking the digital route to promote their product.  (Join Digital Marketing Institute in Dwarka for best job opportunities)

Some Facts

According to the International Journal of Advanced Study, “India is a golden age for digital marketing” and this shift will continue into 2022 and beyond. Looking at this scenario today, it’s easy to say that India’s digital market is still in its early stages and will continue to grow over the next 810 years.
There are several job openings available on various job portals in India in the digital marketing section. If you look at the numbers on job portals, they are rough as follows:

  • Indeed: 12,387 jobs
  • Naukri: 18620 jobs
  • Monster: 1000 jobs (approx)
  • LinkedIn: 14000+jobs
  • Times jobs: 28669 jobs
  • Shine: 12565 jobs

Key Requirements for Digital Marketing Career In India 2022

Digital marketing requires someone to be well versed in business and management and to know business terms, they must have a good understanding of the pulse of potential consumers and clearly understand that different metrics reflect the impact of your product or service.

Digital marketing has very interesting regional perspectives. If you are fluent in your local language, you can be successful in digital marketing because people today consume a lot of content in their local language. The digital marketing category includes several roles that require regional language content creators and copywriters.

Digital marketing is a must for a brand today. Digital presence is nowadays a prerequisite for a company’s success. The great advantage of switching to digital technology is the ability to work as a freelancer wherever you are. Currently, career seekers are not limited to work (let alone undesirable), but
with the digitization of companies, it is much more convenient to find a job and work according to your own conditions.

In the coming year of Digital Marketing Career In India 2022 , you can build your career . Now let’s better understand this career choice.

  1. Digital Marketing is one of the Accelerated growing industries: With the advent of high-speed data and the ever-increasing use of the Internet, there has been a massive change in the digital world. For example, people today can no longer imagine their life without the Internet or smart devices. With the help of digital platforms, it has become easier for companies to reach their target group and potential customers.

This growth has created a demand for skilled marketers in this new digital space and has led to an increase in job opportunities in the digital sector. According to employment experts, it would be about ten times more than in any other branch of the economy.

  1. A digital marketing career in India 2022  gives you high salaries: In a digital world, a wide range of enterprises would be completely consisting of experts on digital marketing, and therefore there is a high demand for digital marketing professionals. If you have the relevant IT qualifications and a digital marketing certificate, you’ll get a well-paid job even at entry-level.
  2. You can have a multifaceted career path: Digital marketing is a vast field that is not limited to one particular career path. If you’ve already made a career in general marketing and want to make a
    difference, you can easily do so. It is enough to choose a specific specialist course and complete the appropriate training and certification. Once you develop the necessary skills and understand the functions, it will be convenient to choose an alternative to your current job profile.
  3. A digital marketing career in India 2022 can help you get creative: As mentioned earlier, a career in digital marketing will span multiple sectors where you can develop your skills and knowledge. Most career options give you the opportunity to be creative.

You can write, create images/illustrations/ graphics / infographics, videos and podcasts. All of this gives you many opportunities to be creative and innovative on a daily basis. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to promote products, build brand awareness, and create new ways to retain your audience.

  1. You Would Be Getting A Diverse Work Culture: If you choose a Digital Marketing Career in India 2022, you will have the opportunity to be surrounded by different work cultures. This is because as part of your job you will have to interact with people from different parts of the industry. This, in turn, will help you improve your technical skills, develop your creativity and increase your level of productivity. Once you are familiar with the different work cultures, you can grow both on a personal and professional level.

The 10 major roles for a Digital Marketing career in India 2022:

1) SEO specialist/ SEO Manager

An SEO manager in digital marketing means a specialist in search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is one of the most important components of a successful digital marketing strategy for a business. When an online user searches for something on the Internet, the first few articles that
appear on the search results page are likely to get the most attention and notions. The main task of an SEO expert is to develop a marketing strategy so that the results appear at the top of the search engine rankings. Some duties of an SEO specialist include:

Top 5 SEO Essentials

  • Analysis of the Site speed and test tests to determine any delay or fault.
  •  Regardless of the keyword research and how to effectively use them to
    manage organic traffic to the site.
  • Constructing natural backlinks. (Natural backlinks are links to your sites. from other sites and pages that are created without your persuasion. Visiting and writing your opinion or comment on blog posts, forums, social networks can get the attention of others as well as if your content is good then you can just get natural backlinks from other sites).
  • Separate test pages with similar nature and content.
  • Efficient preparation of breadcrumbs for the user’s convenience. Users have a clear idea of ​​where they are located thanks to breadcrumb navigation. This feature takes away any confusion about where you are while browsing the site. It also helps Google understand your website's
    hierarchy and helps with your website’s overall ranking. (This is called a breadcrumb trail)
    ○ Well equipped with HTML, WordPress, PHP etc.
    ○ Evaluation of content quality and subsequent consumer behaviour.
    ○ Assess competitor’s pages and evaluate how they attract organic traffic to their sites, especially if they are better than your site. A good SEO Specialist/Manager in the field of digital marketing will know the use of terms such as follows

●Voice User Interface
● Structured Data
● Geofencing
● Progressive Web Apps(PWA)
● Web Page Load Speed
● Visual Search
● Information Architecture
● General Data Protection Regulation(GDPR)
● Mobile-first Indexing
● Cloud Computing
● Social Messaging Applications
● Marketing Automation
● Interactive Content
● Ad Re-Targeting
● Website Security and Website Audit etc.
● Information of Schema Markup, coding and HTML
● Use of different tools like GMETRIX, RankBrain, Tweetdeck, Google Analytics, Buffer, MailChimp, etc
● Off-site and On-site SEO building

It is expected that the search engine specialist will create and submit periodic, monthly reports on the website performance in search engines. SEO experts need to work with other digital marketing units to ensure maximum efficiency and overall results.

Salary for an SEO specialist – 2.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs

2) Search engine marketer/PPC marketer

When we are looking for a specific topic, we often find advertisements written in the dialogue box next to the link to the site to this topic. This is the job of a search engine marketer or pay-per-click marketing in digital marketing. The sometimes useful, sometimes completely irrelevant ads that appear in our search results are the work of search engine experts.

Top 6 PPC Experts 2020


Search engine marketers are well versed in keywords, long-short words and how to place them to get maximum visibility on search engine pages. Their main goal is to attract traffic to your sites and get leads for conversion, thus reducing acquisition costs.

● Identification and analysis of key performance indicators (KPI)
● Use Google Analytics benefits, Google AdWords to effectively placing the brand in SERP
● Excellent business and possibility of organizing.
● Responding to and understanding new goals and ideas
● Keyword suggestion, targeting, retargeting, building a paid campaign
● Thoroughly review web analytics dashboards and monitor keyword bids,
budget allocation, and overall paid ad strategy
● Know keyword suggestion and analytics tools websites that help increase
sales and direct target groups to the desired location.
● Increase attention to the PPC Trends
● industries carefully knowing MS Excel, PowerPoint and MS WORD.
The average salary of a PPC marketer in a digital marketing company is around
5lakhs to 7lakhs approximately

3) Inbound Marketing Manager

The profile of an inbound marketing manager is very similar to that of a content marketing manager. They are responsible for creating and delivering rich content-driven strategies for the overall online growth of the brand. One of the very important jobs of an inbound marketing manager is to establish and leverage closed-loop analytics so that all systems in a digital marketing network are interconnected. This way, sales feedback can be used constructively to improve the overall performance of the marketing team.

Inbound marketers need to be able to handle blogging software and marketing automation. They must have a nose to catch the news and integrate everything that is important in their strategy for the future growth of the company. They should chat and communicate and help constantly hone their top digital marketing skills to improve ROI. The average salary of an inbound marketing manager is around 4-6 lakhs per annum.

4) Social Media Manager

A social media manager is a position in charge of all aspects of social networking and successful branding of your products and/or services across various social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc

social media platform

Social media is a very important area for business today. Most of the online users are present on this or that social media channel. As a result, brands have great potential to promote their brands in these channels. The social media manager needs to evaluate, strategize and implement goals related to awareness, reputation and overall brand perception. The most important job of a social media manager is to manage the content that turns fans into consumers and ultimately promotes your product.

Some of their duties include

● Generate incoming traffic, measure various metrics with several available tools. Choose content based on the results.
● Use various tools used to measure brand performance on specific social media platforms. e.g. Tweetdeck, Buffer, Postplanner etc.)
● Gather and nurture prospects and persuade them to turn into customers with engaging, high-quality content.
● Content management and content publication planning for various media channels.
● Determining what content is appropriate for which social networks. Customize and modify the content according to the requirements of a specific social media channel. For example, in the case of native
Instagram ads and placing the ads in the sidebar of a Facebook page that a potential customer may visit. All such important decisions are made by the social media manager.
● Integration of various social media channels with all other forms of marketing and active promotion of content across all channels. Ignoring even one potential channel could be detrimental to Br

Digital marketing channels especially social media channels are undergoing changes every day.

Every day it comes up with new trends, new ideas, and more effective ways of communicating. Therefore, a social media manager needs to be flexible, ready to learn and evolve in line with changing dynamics. Follow all the latest social media trends. A social media manager needs to be prepared for any crisis that can be changed with a positive social media strategy. Slow sales, insufficient traffic, inability to retain customers, negative reviews, and low brand awareness are some of the challenges that social media managers often grapple with.

Budget wisely, taking into account the effectiveness of different social media channels for a specific product or service.

Preparation of reports on brand performance in various social networks, analysis of the impact of brand campaigns in social networks.


5) Content Marketing Manager


The content marketing manager is responsible for everything related to the content that will be posted on various channels and websites. Content Marketing is a complex process of analyzing which content is appropriate for a given medium in order to maximize your reach and brand awareness. Content
Marketing is about evaluating, implementing and monitoring the performance of a well-thought-out content strategy for your client and/or product and service.


Content Marketing


A content marketing manager’s first job is to develop a digital marketing plan for content-based lead generation. The different areas to consider in this strategy are as follows:

● Analyze your competition
● Assess your target audience
● Analyze the different content marketing channels and tools
● Prepare your content considering different areas of consumer interest
● Create your publication calendar/schedule
● Analyze how your published content works and whether it generates enough interest attracting potential customers and turning them into consumers


Digital Content Managers are responsible for content created for websites, corporate blogs, white papers, social media campaigns, email campaigns, online brochures, and any other content created for use by online users. They must collaborate with every department in the digital marketing department to
develop engaging content and economically align with customer goals. (Digital Marketing Career In India 2022)


The average salary of content marketing managers ranges from 7 lakh to 10 lakh, which could go up to 15 lakh based on experience, overall years of experience, and presence in the digital marketing world.


Content managers have two sections working under them

● Content writers/Copywriters
● Web designers/Graphic designers

The average salary of content writers is 2.5 to 5 lakhs but if the content tends to become popular there is no upper limit to the earnings.

● Content writers/copywriters

Content creators and copywriters are an integral part of the digital marketing arena. There is a slight difference between content authors and copywriters due to the nature of their work. The content author writes to drive traffic to his website and product page. The copywriter writes a copy with the sole
purpose of making a positive impact on consumers to sell the product or service. Both content authors and copywriters are in high demand. It is safe to say that the demand for this area of ​​digital marketing will not decrease in the near future.

Some of the traits that are absolutely necessary to be an efficient content writer/copywriter is:

● Attention to detail
● Good knowledge of the language in which they will write, both orally and in writing.
● Exemplary and innovative
● Ability to research and organize details, information, and facts

● Brainstorm and collaborate with other parts of your digital marketing system. Implement a holistic strategy in your reviews that will bring maximum results.
● If you want to stand out from a crowd of similar products or services, you need to channel your creativity and create engaging content. In most cases, this is true for social media. you should always come up with and design content that is engaging.
● Content should be written with absolute clarity and good grammar. Mark important points with bullets and numbers so that the text is readable to potential customers
● A content writer should be proficient in writing for different topics and different formats like blogs, websites, social media snippets, articles, guides, white papers, details about a particular organization, video scripts, e-books, banners, case studies, E-mail newsletters, etc.

Content writers earn a salary up to 5 lakhs per annum. But there really is no upper limit to your earnings once you start gaining traction on your write-ups.


II) Web designers/ graphic designers

As with content creators and copywriters, web designers and graphic designers also make a slight difference due to the characteristics of the work they do. Graphic designers can work on multiple projects without the constraints of working and designing a website. A web designer needs to take into account several things like page speed which must be taken into account when designing a website. Web designers are by nature graphic designers who only work in the digital space.

Some of the Characteristics that a graphic designer and/or web designer should have are:

● Understand the basic elements of the project you are working on.
● Create presentations and websites that are attractive, not superficial.
● Make sure website design works flawlessly on all major consumer devices
such as desktops, laptops, tablets, tablets, and mobile phones.
● Must be good at Adobe, Photoshop, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Coral etc.
● Must be able to meet deadlines and work on tight deadlines. web
designers up to 3 lakhs per year in India.


6) Blog Manager




A blog manager must have an innate interest in writing and the inherent ability to write engaging and motivating content. Their main goal is to repeat the voice of the business in their articles, mimic the brand tone, and write articles that convey the main message clearly. They must have special language skills. The writing and editing should be of the highest standard, leaving no problems.


7) E-Mail Marketing Manager


Email is a very popular way to communicate your business message to your potential target groups. Therefore, it is necessary to have an email marketing manager so that you can carry out all email related activities in your organization seamlessly in the world of digital marketing. Emails should be brief, delivered on time, and responsive to the needs of your consumers. Email marketing should evaluate consumer website interactions and email interactions before developing an email marketing strategy and implementation for a brand and its features. Some of these tools are

● MailChimp
● Get Response
● SendinBlue
● Constant Contact
● Moosend
● Pebbly email-marketing
● Pepipost etc


8) Media Relations/PR Manager


A Media relations manager has the means to provide positive reviews for your brand. They can apprise journalists and media outlets of the company’s latest developments and initiatives and can help in creating a positive persona of your brand among users. They have to be skilled in editing and writing and have to carefully strategize a PR campaign to maintain and increase the goodwill of the


9) Digital Marketing Manager


The digital marketing director can be considered the captain of the ship. A Digital Marketing Manager should take care of all aspects of a brand’s digital marketing. Building brand awareness, getting potential customers to learn about a product or service is a key goal of a digital marketing manager. He/She does all the necessary means to make the brand successful with the target groups.


Digital marketers should be the connector for the entire digital team. They are the liaison between the client and their team. Therefore, he must have very strong interpersonal skills and the ability to grasp customer requirements. They should be familiar with the industry both as a private and complementary business.


10) Customer Relationship Manager(CRM)


Just like in public relations, there is a need for a customer relationship manager in a digital company based on products and services. The customer relationship manager handles all customer complaints and grievances and provides timely and appropriate solutions. They are the point of contact between the customer and the business and must do their best while interacting with potential and current


As you may already understand, the prospects for a digital marketing career in India 2022 today are huge in the Indian market. There are many job profiles available. In addition, the ability to work independently is a further change from the monotony of the daily routine. The qualities for success in different areas of digital marketing are the willingness to evolve and adapt to new ideas and challenges. It requires a thirst for knowledge regarding all that is digital and awareness of the new digital drift.


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