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YouTube Launches New Comment Search Option Feature

Comments are a crucial part of the conversation on any social media platform and a great result for Digital Marketing Strategy, specifically on YouTube. An effective way to adopt for a creator to carry on the conversation from their videos and build communities with their audience for meeting durable goals and establishing firm bonds. (Learn Video Marketing with best Digital Marketing Course in Delhi)

It turned out to be very helpful for the creators to come up with quality, informative and entertaining contents by paying keen attention to it. Indulging with the audience base through conversation and always replying to their messages. However, it was unmanageable to engage in conversations, especially when there were tons of comments under a single video.

To make it more convenient for the creators because of the heavy engagement in the platform, YouTube came up it with a special feature which made a way-out for the creators to engage and reply with their audience base opportunely. This newly added feature on YouTube is the comment search filter in the YouTube Studio. (Fight covid 19 Pandemic with best Digital Marketing Course in Delhi NCR)

Youtube launches new comment section
Youtube launches new comment section (Image Source: wersm)

YouTube has disclosed that it was the most requested feature by the creators. The new feature option list includes:

Response status

have I already responded to this comment?

Contains questions

Does the comment contain a question?

Subscriber count

Do the commenter have at least 1K/10K/100K/1M/10M subs?

Subscriber intention
Is the commenter publicly subscribed to me?
Member status

Is the commenter a member?

Previously the platform had a filter system, although it didn’t function effectively. For example, a common frustration the company had dealt with in the past is the limited use of keyword searching. Earlier, doing the task using the keyword only gave you result with an exact match, so searching ‘subs’ would only find ‘subs’,” (Learn how to earn money from Youtube Channel with top Digital Marketing Training Institute in Delhi)

Now, with the update, YouTube has provided enough flexibility to work and achieve desired goals and provided shelter to be more creative and efficient. A Big Applause for Team YouTube..!!

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