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Top Five Digital Marketing Secrets To Promote Your Brand Online

The various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter keep on updating their platforms which is the main reason behind marketers keep up the pace with the ever-changing digital marketing trends 2021 on social media. Earn online with the best digital marketing institute in Noida.

So here are the top lists of social media trends you need to know about for facing the changes in digital marketing more gleefully.


What is the Concept of Video in learning Digital Marketing secret?


The most trending and eye-catching thing on any social media platform is good video content and it does not depend on the platform you are marketing whether it is YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat. According to stats, the engagement of people with videos on social media is high on demand in 2018.

The following are the stats which prove that video marketing is highly nowadays:

  • A billion hours of video are watched each day on YouTube by viewers.
  • 8 billions of videos are daily consumed every day by Facebook users.
  • The video content on the platform of Twitter is viewed by 82% audience.

The video content seen on the social media platform is available in a huge variety of formats which range from 360 degrees to live streaming videos. When planning any video campaigns on social media platforms this way marketing teams get huge flexibility. Develop best skills of a digital marketer with the best digital marketing institute in Noida

You should always realize is that, in video marketing, you should always focus on mobile users as 90% of Twitter video views and 60% of YouTube views are usually from users who are on mobile devices.


Secrets Of Digital Marketing
Secrets Of Digital Marketing

Marketers are now more focused on increasing their budgets up to 65% for mobile ads so that they could focus more on mobile video content within the coming few months. How to Earn Money Online with Digital Marketing


The Life of Social Media Influencers to learn digital marketing secrets



There are lots of advantages attached to being a social media influencer marketing. There would be growth in competition in order to get working with the top brand influencers this year.

This could be avoided by developing more long-term relationships with key social media influencers in 2018 by marketers. You should not bother much about partnering up with these social media influencers for the long term.

This year one key advancement which could be used in influencer marketing strategy is authenticity. Consumers like you and me could easily detect the influencer brand collaborations which seem forced. Grow your earning opportunities with the digital marketing institute in Noida.


European Union Seriousness towards Data Collection


The European Union has now become pretty strict about the companies collecting data of their consumers in 2018. Since the General Data Protection Regulation has already been into effect you should be prepared as of how to handle it.

With the help of GDPR EU citizens gets more control over their personal data. Now when any company is willing to collect information from a consumer they will need consent from individuals.

These data could be anything ranging rightly from their location, name to their email address. And for collecting this company will need to tell the person what data they want to collect and the way they will use it.

This rule is applicable to any company which collects data about any EU citizen and companies which are probably out of the European Union are actually more prepared for GDPR.


Top Digital Marketing Secret is Chatbots, the new digital trend


In 2018 one thing will change for sure brands will start thinking about using social media bots in their brand pages.

Chatbots have been around for many years and they have probably witnessed huge AI improvements recently. More and more chatbot marketing strategies are made in order to improve the brands by customer support.

The most usually used customer support is created with the help of a chatbot and 61% of consumer chatbot interactions usually centered around questions that are related to customer service.


Introducing The Art of Storytelling in Digital Marketing Secrets


The stories which are shown on every social media platform would be impossible for marketers to ignore this year as they have become hugely popular nowadays.

Each social media platforms offer unique features and presentation but they all follow the same concept of storytelling.

As the entire leading social media platform has already joined the stories sharing. Therefore now stories should be a key part of your social media marketing statistics.

Whether you have made your marketing strategy of introducing Chatbots or starting of the live stream on social media platform in order to promote your product, you should always keep a check on these developments as it follows.

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