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How Social Media Marketing Affect The Growth Of Online Business

It is mandatory for commencing a business for any product or service to provide more emphasis on creating a reliable niche or audience base to survive in the arena. It can be made more significant and possible through Social  Media Marketing for small-scale businesses. Delhi Institute Of Digital Marketing recommends learn social media to those who are inspired to open the doors of online marketing for its business. ( Learn SEO with digital marketing training institute Noida with the pocket-friendly amount)

Let’s check out some insight into a survey held in 2019 for the Importance of Social Media Marketing in upbringing the small businesses online

According to a survey conducted in 2019, nearly 95% of small-scale businesses planned on increasing their marketing budget in 2019. At the same, it was learned that other small-scale businesses vested more interest in internet channels for it needs. About 35% focussed on digital marketing and the remaining 35% inclined towards traditional marketing.

The Manifest queried about the marketing pattern and the objectives of nearly 529 small business owners and the managers in the United States to get more insight. About 3 quarters of the businesses use social media platforms to promote and enlarge their brands and services. The prime reason being 89% of the population is active on such platforms which have proven lucrative.

It gives a powerful impression of how small-scale businesses use social media effectively to upsurge their services, portraying, and reaching out to most of the audiences. As a result, they are keen to invest in such social media platforms because of its wider popularity. The platform draws 2 million new users every month, which comes as an advantage for small-scale businesses to execute.

How Does Social Media Marketing Affect Business’s Growth online?

social media for small bsuiness
social media for small bsuiness

Undeniably, social media platforms attract a wide number of users because of the availability and flexibility to reach out and showcase their services or product discretely as it has gained massive popularity over time. Besides, social media websites confirmed to be top-notch digital marketing platforms. About 73% of small-scale businesses emphasized on investing more in the same because of the versatility it had gained over a decade. Email marketing is yet another way to gain innumerable profit and get a skyrocket hike in the trade, which has proven to become one of the most frequently used methods to illustrate precisely. (Reach out to the best Digital Marketing course in Gurgaon)

Alongside, video marketing and SEO remain the other two in the game. Video marketing affects to a great extent because of the ability to influence and leave an imprint on the masses. Despite most of the small scale businesses defy to understand the fact. Only one-third of such business invest and shows genuine interest and the outstanding 27% might invest in the long run.

Search Engine Optimization is the other aspect of digital marketing. It has proven over time luring good outcomes by obtaining a desired ranking in the Google algorithm. However, small businesses are failing to profit from it due to higher competition in the market. In a survey, it was found that only less than 50% of small businesses are investing in SEO and able to obtain a desirable place on the 5.6 Google searches that are made every day.

We can analyze from all the collective information that small-scale businesses focus more on Digital Media platforms over traditional marketing namely social media, websites, and email marketing to broaden their influence and yet missing out on SEO and video marketing.


Q.1 Is Social Media Marketing A Good Career?

Social Media Marketing jobs are one of the best growth opportunities. It’s because it is a developing industry. As per a report by Buffer, 89.3% of marketers said that social media is very important to their online marketing strategy.

Q.2 What is Included in Social Media Marketing?

It includes activities like posting text and image updates, videos, and various content that brings audience engagement. Meanwhile analyzing these processes you can develop a social media marketing plan.

Q.3 How much money do social media marketers make?

The average salary of a senior social media manager is $63,000 in the US or can be as much as $90,000. Entry-level jobs start at $32,000.


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