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Is Dropshipping Profitable In India?

There are some things in the online marketing industry that are extremely profitable.

Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Amazon FBA, and YouTube videos are all common methods of making money online.

In India, most people are not aware of dropshipping, and if they are informed, they are unsure whether is dropshipping profitable in India or not.

Our decision to create this piece of content is motivated by this reason.

Many people have sent us emails and texts asking whether is digital marketing profitable in India and after reading so many survey questions about this topic, we decided to provide an in-depth answer.

In such a way, you will never wonder about dropshipping’s profitability anywhere, especially in India.

Ready? Let’s go.

About Dropshipping

Firstly, let’s gain a little knowledge about dropshipping before moving on to find out whether is dropshipping profitable in India or not.

Brief Information About Dropshipping

Let’s start by understanding what dropshipping actually is.

Three parties are involved in dropshipping: the buyer, the seller, and the person who owns the dropshipping business.

A dropshipping business does not require you to own stock or inventory, unlike traditional retail businesses.

Drop shippers develop contacts with distributors, sellers, or suppliers who are interested in doing business with them.

In order to understand this, let’s use an example:

Let’s say you set up a dropshipping website, and after some time and effort you find a potential customer who is interested in what you are offering and decides to buy from you.

The buyer buys that product from your dropshipping website and you get paid.

Upon receiving the money, you contact the person who actually sells the item you’ve listed on your dropship website.

The address and other required information of the buyer are given to him, and he is asked to send the product directly to the buyer without your interference.

This is what dropshipping is.

The concept of dropshipping is selling goods to the buyer without owning them and making a profit off of them.

Benefits of starting a dropshipping business in India

There are a lot of benefits to starting a dropshipping business in India, and here we will let you know about the top three of them.

No Inventory Management

It is the first and foremost thing. 

More than 80% of people start their dropshipping business for this only as there is no need for them to keep the stock and inventory at their place.

The dropshipping business owner does not keep stock, instead, he or she makes a beautiful website that displays the products of the seller, and when the buyer decides to purchase a product, the dropshipping business owner asks the seller to deliver it directly to the buyer’s address, thus acting as a middleman.

Not a lot of capital investment is required

This thing makes dropshipping a very good business to start in India since it does not require a lot of capital investment, and people in India do not start a business because they fear losing money, so dropshipping helps them overcome this problem.

Perfect Scalability

Dropshipping is a type of online business that is much simpler to scale 

Mind you, I did not say here that it is effortless to scale but that it is simpler.

Let’s talk about any other traditional retail model. It’s much harder to scale and grow because it requires you to open a new store and start everything from scratch.

But a dropshipping business is not much harder to scale because you do not own the inventory, and you sell other people’s stuff instead.

And by making your first dropshipping business a success, you’ll also acquire all the skills and confidence you need to succeed in your next dropshipping business.

Why are you afraid that you will not be able to find success as a dropshipping business owner in India?

I can guarantee that the points I have covered above, you have heard earlier from someone.

I know that you are already aware of the benefits of starting a dropshipping business in India, its profitability factors, etc.

But still, you are afraid of starting a dropshipping business in India, and here are the reasons why.

You don’t know about dropshipping in detail

To understand this point, let’s take an example of a school-going boy. 

First, he gets so scared on his first day at school that he does not want to go.

And when he enters the school, gets comfortable there, and starts to excel in his exams, he can’t wait to go to school in the morning and show his excellence.

Now let’s take an example of a regular office employee.

He is employed by one company, but he wants to find another job.

He thinks that it would be too difficult for him to adjust to the new environment of his new workplace and excel in his work there. Still, as time passes, he adapts to it, and if he puts in an appropriate amount of effort, he also excels in his work.

It is how most of the things in our lives work.

We first get intimidated by the things we are unfamiliar with. Still, once we get into those things and work consistently on them, things start to change, and we begin to succeed.

Now I’d like to get back to dropshipping. 

You might have recently heard about it and while you’ve learned about it a little bit, you probably have been told that you have to create a website, put the products on it, market it, contact the seller, get the goods delivered properly, blah blah blah.

Of course, it is true but you need to understand that you cannot make money just by doing easy things.

Having said that, even if dropshipping seems like a difficult task now, you will surely adapt to it over time if you work consistently and start enjoying the process along the way.

Multiple dropshipping failures have been informed to you

“Garbage in, Garbage out”

The other reason that makes you scared that you will not be able to find success as a dropshipping business owner in India is that you have heard of multiple dropshipping failure stories.

Always remember, all the people who attend a university don’t pass it.

All the people who set a goal to lose 5 pounds in a month don’t achieve it.

Same in that way, all the people who start a business don’t necessarily find success in it.

And dropshipping is also a business, and not everyone is going to find success in that.

There could be several reasons for the failures of those you have heard about but don’t be afraid that you will also face loss.

You don’t know anything about the reason for their dropshipping business failure.

What you need to do here is to ignore all those people sharing negativity about dropshipping business in India because they have failed in it and instead take inspiration from those who have succeeded.

Taking inspiration from the successful ones will inspire and motivate you to do extensive by learning the skills, strategies, and tactics needed to start and scale a dropshipping business.

Dropshipping Business’ Profitability

Is dropshipping profitable in India?

Keeping things concrete, yes, dropshipping is highly profitable in India. 

So many people have taken massive advantage of dropshipping, made a lot of money, and are continuously making so. 

People are so intrigued by the concept of dropshipping, and constantly new people are starting dropshipping businesses. 

New dropshipping companies are emerging daily, showing the growth of dropshipping businesses in India. 

And there is no reason the dropshipping business would grow this higher if there were no possibility of earning profits from a dropshipping business in India.

Because you do not require much capital to scale up your dropshipping business, dropshipping has become an extremely profitable business in India. 

Once you develop the skills necessary to run a dropshipping business, scaling it and expanding your dropshipping business becomes a breeze.

What to do in order to make a dropshipping business profitable in India?

The fact remains that making a dropshipping business profitable is not something that can be achieved easily, but it does require patience and diligence. 

Here are some points to consider if you want to make your dropshipping business profitable in India.

Find a product that you have total confidence in

Your dropshipping business starts with the product, as successfully selling it will determine how profitable your dropshipping business is.

To make your dropshipping venture successful, you will have to choose a product in which you have a total belief.

Because then only you will be able to do the further tasks required to sell the product.

The problem is that if you don’t have enough confidence in the product that you’re selling or if you think that people won’t like your product, you may lose motivation to keep your dropshipping business going in the long run, and this may lead to the failure of your dropshipping business.

Learn effective marketing

Learning how to sell effectively is a significant step in making your dropshipping business successful.

It would help if you understand one thing; your dropshipping business is not a physical store that walking people could see on the road, get attracted to, and decide to walk in and purchase something from there.

It’s an online business, and if you do not learn how to market the products effectively through online marketing, you will surely not see any sales, and your dropshipping business won’t run for a long time.

You need to learn and master how to run social media ads and Google ads to capture the attention of your audience and sell them effectively in order to succeed with your dropshipping business.

Develop an entrepreneur’s mindset and keep on educating yourself

A business is unlike a regular job where you consistently get paid a fixed salary every month.

Bringing effective results is the only way to make money in a business.

In other words, you should not take things lightly like assuming doing an online business is easy because there is nothing easy about it.

It requires a lot of effort to succeed in an online business.

You should develop a strong mindset that no matter what challenges you will face in your journey, you will not quit.

Furthermore, you need to develop an attitude that you will keep improving your skills and continue to learn more and more things because online marketing gets updated constantly, new tactics and strategies appear every day, and your dropshipping business will hardly survive for long if you don’t learn those new tactics and strategies.

Concrete reasons to make you believe that yes a dropshipping business is profitable in India

Indian people love to try new things

Unlike 15 or 20 years in the past, Indian people now have started loving to try new things.

A lot of people in India have a tendency to collect and show good and unique products to their friends and family, either in person or via social media.

Therefore, when they see something that is of the slightest interest to them, they get highly intrigued and don’t think twice about buying it.

As a result, if you select a good or useful product and target the right audience to sell that product, your dropshipping business will certainly succeed.

Internet Boom

When Reliance Jio launched its 4G services in India in September 2016, it saw a tremendous increase in internet usage. 

A person on average used 800 MB of data every month before Jio arrived and now uses around 12 GB after Jio arrived in 2016, an increase of more than 1300%.

Because the internet is so highly available among Indian people, they don’t like going to physical stores anymore, and even why would they, when they can get the products of their choice directly at their homes?

As a result of the internet boom, Indian people now have the convenience of getting the products they want right at home, so they are more likely to look at new products every day on their feed and buy the ones that appeal to them.

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When it comes to dropshipping business in India, what are the things people do that prevent it from being successful?

In this section, we will discuss things people do or don’t do due to which their businesses don’t become successful in India.

They don’t understand their customers’ needs, wants, and desires

If you are considering starting a dropshipping business, you must keep one thing in mind.

As we said earlier, dropshipping business or any other online business is not something that you can open and start getting traffic and sales immediately.

It takes dedication to become successful in a dropshipping business, and it also takes time.

You can’t just display the products on your product page and start to expect people that they will choose to make a purchasing decision right after they see the products.

Because they are surfing online, they have a lot of choices for the product you are selling.

They can buy a similar product as yours and even a better one from another supplier.

Most dropshipping business owners don’t understand this; they place their products on their product page and wait for the audience to come in and buy them, because of which their dropshipping business fails.

Basically, behind every purchase, there is a reason. 

You need to do extensive research into the pains, fears, wants, desires, and needs of your intended customers because of which they will decide to buy your product.

Then you need to reflect those pains, fears, wants, desires, and needs on your product page, so that your customers will understand that you understand them and that your product can help them fulfill their needs.

This will surely help you increase the number of sales of your dropshipping products and help your business to become successful.

They find it hard to manage the returns and refunds

Of course, to make it a no-brainer offer for more and more prospected customers to buy your product, you will give them the freedom to return the product and get a refund.

If you don’t do it, you will not see many sales as Indian people are still a little skeptical of the products on which they can’t get a money-back guarantee.

On one side, this no-brainer offer results in a significant number of sales, but on the other hand, people take massive advantage of it and return the product even if they don’t like it just a little bit.

Usually, new dropshipping business owners get too happy when they see the sale of their products and get too disheartened when they see a request for a refund.

And because their dropshipping business is new, they find it too hard to manage the returns and refunds as it is a time-consuming task. Due to this, they shut their dropshipping business as they think they won’t be able to handle the returns and refunds in the long term.

In this case, what you need to do is that you need to understand that refunds and returns are an integral part of the dropshipping business, and you can’t get away from it.

You need to set systems to get the refunds, and returns work done correctly in automation to focus less on those tasks and more on scaling your dropshipping business.

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They don’t choose the right supplier

Choosing the right supplier is imperative when starting a dropshipping business.

As a dropshipping business owner, you are acting as a middleman, and your job is to compel the buyer to make a purchasing decision for the product you are displaying to him.

The rest of the task is of the supplier, from perfectly packaging the product and shipping it directly to the hand of the buyer, is the task of the supplier.

And suppose the supplier makes a silly mistake while packaging the product or imperfectly ships the product to the buyer. 

In that case, the buyer will lose trust in you and will spread bad word of mouth about your dropshipping business.

As a dropshipping website owner, you need to choose the right supplier whose products are going to be listed on your website, someone who is as interested in delivering the products correctly to the buyer as you are.

When you do this, you will no longer have to worry about delivering the product correctly to the buyer, and your buyers will also spread positive word of mouth about your dropshipping business since they will receive the right product at the right time and in the right manner.

They don’t sell a particular set of products

Not selling a particular set of products is the most common mistake we have seen people make. They don’t sell a particular set of products but a wide range.

They think the more products they have, the more they will be able to generate sales, but that is far from the truth.

People like specificity. If they see that you are selling a diverse range of products, it will turn them off as it will appear to them that you don’t know much about your product. 

People like to buy from someone they think is immensely knowledgeable about what he is selling because then only he will be able to fix the problem they have in the future.

If, as a dropshipping business owner, you will offer only a particular set of products to people, sooner or later, they will start considering you as a brand for those products, and your dropshipping business will become highly successful.

Later on, as you have created awareness of your business among the people, you can decide to add a different range of products to your website, but not in the initial days.

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Top 5 Dropshipping Companies In India

Below is a list of the top 5 dropshipping companies in India.

1. Indiamart | Best Dropshipping Company in India

When it comes to informing you about the best and the most profitable dropshipping company in India, the first name that comes to my mind is Indiamart. 

Indiamart started in 1996 as a B2B company. Still, later on, after seeing a massive demand for dropshipping services, the team of Indiamart decided to keep dropshipping services in their additional services.

Indiamart is one of those few companies in India that have made people who do online business operate and manage their businesses more efficiently.

2. Shopify | One of the best dropshipping companies in India

Shopify offers its resellers complete transparency, a high-profit margin and tremendous logistical support that doesn’t let any reseller be in a difficult circumstance while delivering their products. 

Additionally, Shopify is compatible with all the top e-commerce platforms and lets resellers efficiently manage an unlimited number of vendors and products using their computer systems.

3. Baapstore | Among the top dropshipping companies in India

Baapstore is an excellent platform for beginning an online dropshipping business. 

Baapstore hosts the most extensive collection of Indian items available for sale at wholesale costs. 

It offers free delivery to its customers throughout India and efficiently tracks the shipment that delights customers. 

To deliver packages, Baapstore has partnered with FedEx, Ecom Express, Speed Post, Delhivery, and Aramax.

4. Trade India | One of the best dropshipping suppliers in India

Established in 1996, TradeIndia was originally a B2B company.

Companies enrolled under Trade India receive 360-degree solutions. In addition, it guarantees the security of operations and transactions for both parties, such as suppliers and buyers.

There are hundreds of items in different categories on this site so that you don’t run out of trend at any given time.

And do you know what the best thing about Trade India is? It is entirely free to join.

5. Wholesale Box | Among the best dropshipping suppliers in India

When talking about the suppliers that are among the best dropshipping suppliers in India, I can’t forget to mention Wholesale Box, as it is undoubtedly one of the best dropshipping companies in India.

Wholesale Box lists more than 100k products.

Although Wholesale Box offers a diverse range of products, it predominantly provides products related to men’s and women’s clothing.

The best feature of Wholesale Box is something that no other company offers. 

Products delivered by Wholesale Box show the reseller’s name instead of the wholesaler’s name, which is a unique feature and is also one of a kind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1) Which are the top dropshipping companies in India?

Answer – The list of the top dropshipping companies in India goes as follows:
a) Indiamart
b) Trade India
c) Exporters India
d) Jim Trade
e) Shopify
f) Wholesale Box
g) Baapstore
h) Seasons Way
i) Web Deal India
j) Cokoon

2) Can you get rich from dropshipping?

Answer – You can certainly get rich from dropshipping, but you need to choose the right supplier and take good care of your customers.

3) How much investment do I need to start a dropshipping business?

Answer – You can get started with your dropshipping journey with a few thousand rupees, which is not quite a lot. 
The best thing you can do is to reinvest your earnings into your dropshipping business so that it continues to grow.

4) How huge are the chances of failing in a dropshipping business in India?

Answer – There are infinite chances to fail in a dropshipping business in India. 
It is necessary to put in a considerate amount of hard work and effort to succeed in a dropshipping business. As stated in the article, dropshipping is simple but not easy.

5) Which countries are the best to target for dropshipping business?

Answer – The United States of America, Australia, Sweden, and New Zealand are among the best countries to target for a dropshipping business.


After reading this article, I hope you have gained a better understanding of whether is dropshipping profitable in India or not.

A dropshipping business model in India is a highly lucrative business model that provides massive profits.

Suppose you are someone who is looking to start his journey as a dropshipping company owner in India. 

In that case, I highly recommend you kindly learn all about dropshipping before getting started with your journey.

Otherwise, you will get highly overwhelmed when you see obstacles in your business, which could probably result in quitting your business.

In DIDM’s digital marketing course, the master trainers who are deeply knowledgeable about dropshipping teach you everything you need to know about starting and scaling your dropshipping business and how to market your dropshipping products effectively to the right audience. 

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