Top 5 Digital Marketing blogs To Follow In 2020

top Digital Marketing Blogs

When you are starting fresh in the internet market realm, there is a lot to learn.  Depending upon your niche of focus, blogs will open up to a world of opportunities that are just a click away. As the number of internet marketing blogs, social media, content marketing, email marketing, and SEO blogging posts has risen in number because of the
growing competition. (Give the best kickstart to your career with most becoming Digital Marketing Course in Delhi)

Mentioning Top 5 Digital Marketing Blogs that will serve your purpose!

The Knowledge Bank
Top Digital Marketing Blog
Top Digital Marketing Blog

This blog justifies the name. It is a diverse blog that covers all aspects of content marketing and creation from spanning from extracting thought leadership from key company employees, lead generation, and content distribution.


KISSmetrics is an incredible blog with a focus on data and metrics. Also, it shares detailed information about analytics and marketing. As technology is emerging at a rapid pace, this is a great blog to follow because it publishes frequently. It covers topics like content marketing, SEO, and analytics. It’s one of the best internet marketing blogs.

One-Click Lindsey
Top Digital Marketing Blogs
Top Digital Marketing Blogs

One-click Lindsey is one of the best internet marketing blogs. It shares information about content creation to all aspects of digital marketing. It is a fine blog that can help you get insights into the digital marketing world. You should definitely follow it. (Reach out to the best Digital Marketing Training Institute in Delhi)


HubSpot is one of the finest blogs because it adopts a unique way to post blogs. This blog post has a conversational tone that humanizes the content and makes it easily understandable. It is also an authoritative site filled up with inbound marketing strategy, templates, infographics, analytics, and landing page tips. You will find posts covering SEO advice, sales, academy, web design, and social marketing.


Digiday will satisfy your curiosity if you are an influencer interested in Digital Marketing information. This blog post shares in-depth industry knowledge and experiences and has a unique approach towards brands, agencies, publishers, and platforms.

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